What follows is a list of some of the more notable corporations active in Mercer City. A name, brief description of their primary industry, as well as an idea of their size is given.

International Computing Solutions: Principal manufacturer of processing chips for cyberware, cyberdecks and the like. Global, medium.

Omega Genetic Design: On the cutting edge of “gene-tech,” which it advertises as the newest wave of technology, creating genetically-modified organisms to be used as vehicles, weapons, etc. Very small.

Uniglobe Network News: The world’s largest conglomerate news agency, UNN is true “corporate news,” delivering only those stories which fit the narrative of corporate capitalism. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the world isn’t savvy enough to know the difference. Massive, global, unstoppable.

LEO Air: Pioneers of low-earth-orbit travel and cargo transport. Though they are working on building the world’s first orbiting passenger depot, currently their high-altitude jets barely reach space. Medium, but growing fast.

Takagi Industries: Leading manufacturer of cyberware, based out of Hokkaido, Japan. Massive, global.

Biotechnique: Genetic engineering company that specializes in genetically modified foods and disease research. They created, patented, and sell the most popular “sustainable” food in the world, a heavily augmented type of algae which can be processed into textured food replacements. Ran into some legal trouble a few years back when it was revealed that they added addictive chemicals to their AlgEarth algae meal base, and again when it was revealed that they were genetically modifying their rivals’ plants to die prematurely. Massive, global, and totally evil (despite the pretty flowering vine logo).

Information Incorporated: A think-tank dedicated to spreading unfettered capitalism, this LLC also acts as advisers and “researchers” for other corporations. Often this means digging up dirt on people who attempt to sue corporations. Fifteen of the current members of Congress are former Info, Inc. board members. National, small.

Enhanced Cybernetic Systems: Makers of fine cybernetics, ECS attempts to distinguish itself from the herd by conducting itself ethically. Very interested in the intersection of form and function, ECS strives to make devices that are attractive as well as powerful. Known for creating top-of-the-line cyberdecks as well. Global, but still a niche market.

Trauma International: This company got its start as emergency medics serving front-line mercenaries in wars around the world, but now offer services to anyone who can pay. A simple $5000 a month will get you armed medivac services anywhere in the world within thirty minutes, guaranteed. Global, medium.

MacMillan/Cohen: Specializing in electric batteries and engines, this company produces most of the cells in vehicles used worldwide. Global, medium.

WorldNet: This worldwide corporation has successfully maneuvered themselves into a monopoly on the internet, creating the first global satellite-uplink internet accessible from almost literally anywhere. Current estimates are that 92.3 percent of the world’s population subscribe to WorldNet’s monthly cyberdeck service. Global, massive.

Takamoto Arms: What began as a mercenary group led by the infamous Hiro Takamoto has become the world’s most advanced private military, contracting out to do guard work for clients as diverse as Sierra Leone’s despot Mutunde to Biotechnique. In some cases, when cities can no longer afford police forces, local industries hire Takamoto Arms to act in their stead. Takamoto Arms has recently expanded into arms manufacture and have created their own lines of assault rifles, handguns, and heavy weapons. Global, medium.

CyberWorld Electronics: Don’t let the name deceive you. CyberWorld Electronics is the holding of the Chinese Chung Haisheng umbrella corporation, which dabbles in just about every possible manufacturing industry imaginable. In an attempt to clean their international image of cheap, shoddy junk, they created CWE and entered the cybernetics and cyberdeck markets, but the quality of their goods hasn’t improved one bit. Global, massive.

MGR: “Miller, Garcia, and Reynolds” are the three producers who managed to create the world’s most powerful entertainment company. Now holding the rights to almost 89% of the world’s recording artists, movie stars, and directors, as well as proprietary rights to the software to play their content streaming through WorldNet, MGR creates almost all the entertainment consumed worldwide, a fact few are aware of due to MGR’s maze of holding companies. Global, massive.

BioGenesis The largest competitor to Biotechnique, BioGenesis is owned by a fundamentalist Christian who has publicly announced that he believes these are the end times.


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