• Al the Suit

    Al the Suit

    Al is a slick, experienced Fixer who used to be a pimp. Now he specializes in merchandise and connecting people.
  • Dangerous Dave

    Dangerous Dave

    Four-eyed wheelman/techie JD orphan; 12, looks 14. Habitually wears oily camos or a nicely starched and pressed boiler suit.
  • Monster


    Monster is the leader of the Scalpel Gang
  • Spider


    Spider runs an illegal cyberware smuggling operation for the Russian Mafia.
  • The Conductor

    The Conductor

    The Conductor is in charge of selling the Ringmaster's stolen cyberware on the black market.
  • The Ringmaster

    The Ringmaster

    The Ringmaster leads a small ring of cyberware thieves.
  • Worm


    Worm is a small-time, wanna-be gang member who is trying to move into the business of fixing deals. He is the first person you have met in Mercer City.